This week

Well this week has been busy with work so not much going on.I mananaged to finish off drying the lamb and chickpea stew.Made just under 1 kg and got a dry weight of 250g.At the moment i have 1.5 litres of parsnip soup drying.The joys of being a chef meant that i bought it home from work so it was free of charge.i know i really should be writing down recipes but i never really use them but will try harder.
I will try to make a thai curry and rice,a beef stew with potato,some beef jerky.
Got news today that my siltarp will be in the country at the beginning of the week so i paid the balence and added some more items on to the shopping list from ultralight outdoor,so aswell as the tarp ive got a new pair of extremeites windbloc gloves.a gossamer gear pocket for my hipbelt,a new tibitean 1 litre ti pan.will give reports on them when they arrive.
Planning a night out in february to ashdown forest  for a little weekend walking and to test out all my new kit which ill report on as well
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