drying soup

well this is for whitespider,i do requests now.
First off make your soup,check any recipe book. i had the luxury of making the soup at work,but you need to blend it.once blended place the soup onto the tray designed for fruit puree.the thinner you spread it the quicker it will dry.i left it for 24 hours and after 12 hours i peeled it off and lay it on the mesh tray.once dry i put it in my food processor but i found that my blender was much better at grinding it down into a powder.as of yet i have not tried rehydrating the soup,,but ill try it just with boiling water and also ill try it in a cup on the stove.
if you do dry any soup let me kow how well it rehydrates
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  1. Whitespider1066 aka Weird Darren says:

    Thanks for that.

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