food again

Well the parsnip soup is now dry and 1.5 litres dried down to 250g.finished it off i the food blender,so now have a nice fine powder.
i am thinking of making some beef jerky and kangaroo jerky this week as i have some kangaroo left over at work and always have bits of beef fillet left,ill let everyone know when its done and i promise a recipe this time.
Just a quick thanks to John at for mentioning my site and i will get those recipes up for all you lightweight food people
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One Response to food again

  1. Whitespider1066 aka Weird Darren says:

    More detail on what you did with the soup for dehydrating would be great.
    You seem to have solved the problem I was looking for info on.
    Well done…
    hmmm home made soup for the Challenge ^_^

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