New shiny kit

Well got a parcel from ultralightoutdoor on thursday with some new toys.treated myself to a new tarp from integral designs,siltarp 8ft x5ft,which weighs in at 203grms with stuff sack.thats 400grms shaved off my old tarp which was an old army one,which had served me well along the whole of the GR5 and various trips out in the uk.Also decided to upgrade my old aluminium pan which was looking battered after 12 years of use all around the i now have a new tibetan titanium 2 pan pot which weighs 153 gms,so there is another 50gms lost.also got some coghlans containers for soap etc which seem to be lighter than nalgene.
Next purchases will be a new pair of shoes as mine have finally died after nearly 800km of walking,so i just need to find a supplier of garmont in the uk.after that i think that is al my kit upgraded to lighter kit when i crossed the alps back in 2002 weighed approx 12 kg base weigh[no food or water] i think now it should come in about 7-8 kg.
I am in the process of planning a couple of trips this year.first of a 7 day trip across the cairngorms from aviemore to dalwhinnie.also looking at Romania for a week or so and if my girlfriend recovers from keyhole surgery to her knee then we may take a trip to the lakes.well off to work to pay for all my new toys
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2 Responses to New shiny kit

  1. Unknown says:

    Soap! Whats wrong with lumps of grass and heather then 😉

  2. Unknown says:

    Bloody Windows Livespace always seems to think my commments are worth repeating. Lots

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