Italian black cabbage soup/stew and more

well its one of those days in london when you wake up to grey skies and its chucking it no walk for us today,Adriana my girlfriend does not like this weather so our planned walk in Henley through the great beech wood is postponed.well that leaves me to watch rugby and get some drying done.made Ribollita,a Italian soup using black cabbage.i made it at work on friday and it was amazing,so thought it would be good to dehydrate.i have added some pasta in to make it even more filling.
Puppy’s Ribollita
2 med onions
2 med carrots
1/2 a fennel
3 sticks of celery
finely chop all these
250g pancetta or smoked bacon[optional] cut very small
6 garlic cloves finely chopped
chopped thyme
2 tins of borlotti beans – 1 tin pureed
1.5 cartons of chopped tomatoes
2 stock cubes chicken or veg
300/400g black cabbage,or savoy cabbage shredded
250g small pasta shapes
so take your veg and in a large pan cook down in some olive oil with the bacon until nice and soft[about 20 mins]
add in your garlic and chopped thyme and your tomatoes
now add some water about 1 to 2 litres this is the guessing bit
after the water add your stock cubes and your tin of borlotti beans and the cut bring to the boil and cook for 20 mins
now add  the pureed beans which should thicken it and the pasta is you want cook for a further 5 mins
next weigh the finished stew and then drain through a colander keeping the liquid
the liquid i put back on the stove to reduce so it is east to dry
now just dry the stew and reweigh after drying
have fun
I also had a brain wave whilst shopping about dehyrating a can of rice pudding,so ive got one on the go,anyone else done this please let me know
i also made a recipe from backpack gourmet for instant oatmeal
2 cups of ground rolled oats
1.5 cups ground variety of nuts [ mine was hemp seeds,linseed seeds brazil nuts sunflower seeds and hazelnuts]
1 cup dried milk powder
.5 cup brown sugar
.25 teaspoon ground cinnamon
variety of dried fruit [mine was blueberries and sultanas]
to use just add water when in the pot about 3 inches above the food and bring to boil,stirring.
as i type this iam trying some out and its good,i guess plenty of energy.
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