end of a manic week

thank god its friday is all i can say.its been a busy week this week.
so monday my dad had a heart attack as reported in previous thread.well it turns out that hes lucky to be alive.if he had not called the ambulance then there is a good chance he would of had the attack at home and ther would of been no paramedic around to resuss him.a very lucky man and a very lucky family.been to see him on a couple of occasions and he is doing fine,you would never guess he had a heart attack,lucky hes a subborn bugger and fit for a 75 year old.hes now on the mend and they have fixed his artery all ready and he could be home today or tomorrow.
next up was my girlfriend,Adriana.she had surgery yesterday on her knee to clean up the cartilage which was damaged a couple of years ago in a ski accident.arrived at the hospital at 7.15am,were told the wrong area so after waiting for 1 hour we finally got told where to go.she ended up having the op at 4pm and got home at 9.45 pm.so thats 14.5 hours in hospital.i think we have had enough of the nhs for 1 week.
so now its all head getting adriana fit again so i can introduce her to walking and get her up  peak or two.
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