at last i get out walking

well i finally got out at the weekend for a walk.i have a friend staying so we decided to get out of london and head down to where we both grew up,west sussex and ashdown forest.
the weather was not looking good but we decided to give it a go as i wanted to check out all my new gear.
so saturday morning saw us south bound on a train heading for ashurst,the weather was just holding with a chance of rain almost soon as we set foot on the footpath we realized that we may need to put on gaiters if we wanted to stay clean and dry.we covered about 18 km
with a stop off in withyham for a good pint of harveys,a locally produced ale and one of the worlds best[strong claim i know but ive tasted a few around the world]
the going was fairly easy but a liitle damp.we found a great little camp spot on the edge of a iron age fort,i even got a little fire going to warm our cockles,very impressed with my fire starting skills considering that the wood was pretty damp[thanks to ray mears for that]
dinner was all from my dehyrated cupboard.all the dishes were marked out of 10 by my friend mike.we started with butternut squash soup which got a 6/10 from mike and a 8/10 from me.good flavour and was lamb and chickpea stew which mike marked with 8/10 same as had good flavour but may of needed more soaking.we finished off with hot chocolate and 12 year old cragganmore special reserve and then it started to rain.and good god it rained i woke up several times and found i was a bit damp but only because of the way i rigged up the tarp[ will need to get some practise as i am not use to this tarp]morning came and we were treated to sunshine and a herds of fallow deer as well as a dawn chorus.we also tried out my jerky which was given a 9/10[i think its a 10/10]and all my dried fruits,mango ,apple and banana[9/10]and pear leather[10/10]
anyway second day we walked approx 16 km and ended the day in a down pour.
all my new kit worked well
rab generator smock – kept me warm and dried really quickly when wet
montane 200 jacket – kept me dry all weekend
montane atomic pants – same as jacket and eay to get off and on
integral designs gaiters – first time using gaiters and i like these a lot
extremities power beanie – thin and light weight but kept my bonce warm when it needed it
tibetean cook pot – nice and light used it with a msr pocket rocket and a homemade foil lid and windshield
msr coffee filter – oh the joy of fresh coffee in the morning
integral designs siltarp – i like its low weight and i now know the best way to pitch it with a little more practise it will be perfect.
so all in all we a had a great weekend with plenty of walking and we learnt some little bits of history about a area we thought we knew.

so finally on to kit weight

clothes – 1948g including clothes worn

shelter and sleeping – 1510g

cooking and drinking – 780g

misc – 918g including lighting,first aid kit ,spare kit,

rucksack – 1600g

total allowing for a few items missed = 7000g

with food and water it was just shy of 9000g sounds a lot for a weekend but i took my full kit to see what it felt like and to see how the rucksack dealt with it and i was impressed 

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3 Responses to at last i get out walking

  1. Whitespider1066 aka Weird Darren says:

    If you had the lightwave s 54 that is around 800-900g IIRC. Reason why I went with it (sub kilo and very nice)

  2. Unknown says:

    crikey – your gourmet meal makes my noodles and cup a soup sound really sad

  3. Rob says:

    "dinner was all from my dehyrated cupboard"Wow!! Did you dehydrate the kitchen sink too?? 😉 Seeing that English countryside made me feel all……….emotional. 😦

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