last weekends walk

what a fanstastic weekend we have just had [i know this is late but been busy with work]
managed to get out again down to ashdown forest in west sussex with my friend Mike.its so easy to get there from south london just jump on a train and 1 hour late you are walking in the beautiful sussex countryside.i have a soft spot for here as i grew up here.
saturday we walked from Eridge station up on to the forest via a great little pub which we got side tracked in.
we camped again in the same spot as last time as it is away from all the local dog walkers and you dont get disturbed.had a great night under the stars aided by some malt whiskey and a little morale boosting fire.sunday we walked out and i managed to get sun burn on the top of my head,global warming for you its only mid march!!! ended up at my parents for a cup of tea and then its wasback to lovely london.
so heres the techy side
my rucksac weighed in at 7.4 kg with out food or water,which i was happy about but still think i can tweak it down to 7kg
managed about 40 km for the weekend which was good as iam off to north wales and snowdonia at the end of april for a 7 day circuit.
you can check photos in the photo album
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