missing out on fame

so once again ive missed out on the fame of being included in the outdoor magic blog weekly round up.so what do you need to do to get included,maybe i need to send a bribe to weird darren.
anyways mini rant over so this week ive been drying mad as i build up the supplys for the up and coming trips and hopefully long summer of getting out and about.went down the local market and bought a massive bag of banana’s which have now been dried along with 2 mangos and about 1kg of each of kangaroo and beef jerky.
next will be a thai green chicken curry and a massaman thai chicken curry which i hope to get done in the following week.
well thats all iam off out in to the garden.lets hope next week i get my fame hit!!!
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2 Responses to missing out on fame

  1. Whitespider1066 aka Weird Darren says:

    I like the idea of taking bribes, luckily I so cheap as well 😉
    Make sure you read this week ok…

  2. mike says:

    if we ever meet up ill buy a beer or if its on the hills then jerky and malt go well

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