ive been busy in the kitchen

been busy this evening making a that massaman chicken curry for the dehydrater.had some for dinner which was good and the rest [1.8kg] went into the dehydrater.i reckon ill get around about 5 or 6 portions out of it.
the recipe
5 good size chicken breast [ finely chopped ]
3 medium onions [finely chopped ]
5 small potatoes [ cut up small and fried until nicely brown ]
2 tins of coconut milk
thai fish sauce
tamrind paste
and a massaman curry paste[close cousin to red curry paste which you could use]ive included a recipe for the paste if you want to make it
fry the  onion ubtil soft add the finely diced chicken and the paste  along with the coconut milk and bring to the boil;add some fish sauce to taste and seasoning.throw in the potatoes and simmer for about half an hour
once cooked,its time for drying so heat up the dehydrater and devide up the curry and leave to dry, then bag.
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