the weekend

well what a lovely weekend,didn’t get out to the country this weekend so had to make do with staying in london!!!!
managed to get out into the garden today which was lovely,sowed loads of seeds and got the ground prepared for the plants when they come up.also got my spuds in.
finally got my plans for my walk in wales partly down on paper.
we will start in Betws-y-coed on saturday 21st.plan to be there about midday,then get in a few hours walking.we will head down the river valley,Afon Llugwy toward Capel curig.will overnight in the woods.
day 2 we will head up towards Carnedd Llewelyn wher if we make it we plan to overnight somewhere.
day 3 will see us heading down off Llewelyn via cefn ysgolion duon towards idwal cottage.Then head either towards Tryfan via the north ridge or up bwlch tryfan and then up Tryfan’s south side,then plan to head along the ridge to Glyder fach and Glyder fawr and overnight at lyn cwm or devil’s kitchen area.
day 4 here again we have a possible change of plans as i would like to get up Ygarn but we will most likely end up heading straight down top Pen y pass as we want to try and get up Crib goch but it all depends on weather conditions.the planned overnight is somewhere on the west side of snowdon.
day 5 down to Rhyd ddu then up through Beddgelert forest and onto Moel hebog.
after that iam abit stuck.have 1 and a half days left and would like to get back to Capel curig and pick up the bus back to betws-y-coed.
so a few more hours with a map are needed or do i just go with the flow and see where we end up.
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3 Responses to the weekend

  1. Leighton Harker says:

    Mike, Sounds like a great trip planned. We have camped at Llyn Glas to the west of snowdon and it was a nice spot – probably a better view now that the cafe has gone.  We reached it from the snowdon ranger path but I guess you may be able to traverse across from the Rhydd ddu path.  Anyway I would recomend the spot from experience.
    Have you thought of extending Day 5 and 6 with a traverse of Nantlle ridge before camping in Beddgelert Forest, Moel hebog and then catching the bus from Beddgelert (number S seventy something) back to Betwys via Capel?

  2. mike says:

    thanks for the camp spot Leighton
    was thinking of using the ranger path,mountain biked down it once but never walked and if the camp spot is good it will fit in fine.strange how minds work as that is excactly what i was thinking of for day 5 and 6

  3. Leighton Harker says:

    Hope you enjoy the camp.  We stopped there as part of a Plas y Brenin course so I guess thats a fairly good recommendation too.  Its a good water source from the stream draining the lake.  I remember carrying 24 large cans of Stella up there to celebrate our last night and of course packing out the empties. Not exactly lightweight!
    I haven\’t done a full traverse of Nantlle but its on my wish list – I like the section I did (starting with the other Y Garn) enough for a return trip.
    Enjoy.Cheers. Lay

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