getting back in shape

i was reading John’s article on hill fitness and it got me thinking.i have spent the last 10 years since 1997 when i got my first mountain bike after my trip to nepal being pretty fit.but for some reason last year everything changed.i stopped going out on the bike which had been a regular weekend thing for years and i stopped riding to work.why! well last year i realised that even though i loved the biking and the adrenline rush i was missing out on 1 very big thing and that was the countryside and nature[ok 2].now when you travel through the countrysde on a bike you travel at a pace that you miss all the little things,the fragile flower,the mushroom etc etc.i got this feeling a few years back when i hiked the
GR5 after spending a month biking in chamonix.i was missing things.i got it again last september when i went to visit a friend living in the czech republic,we went out on a couple of day walks and a overnight camp.a lot of the time we did not cover much ground but we did find edible mushrooms,wild plums, last year i told my mountain bike buddies that i was calling it a day with the bike and would be only going out for the odd ride as i wanted to concentrate on my walking.
well since thatn i have not ridden my bike,my fitness levels have dropped drastically and ive been pretty down in the dumps all i have realized that i will have to carry on with the biking so i stay fit and that i will have to do some weights and situps[which i hate] and i will have to get out even more into the country just so i dont go mad.
and the morale to my story,i have’nt a clue but John just got me thinking.i suppose i forgot how much i love walking over the last 10 years and over the last 6 months have forgotten how much i loved biking and how much i need my fix of mother nature to keep sane in a otherwise grazy urban world.
message over,thanks for listening
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2 Responses to getting back in shape

  1. Unknown says:

    As long as I\’ve got you thinking, thats the main thing. Its not what your doing, i find, but how to build it into your day to day life that is where the real benefit lies. for instance. I\’ve just missed my 2nd week in a row going down the gym – too many work related pressures at present. But this bank hol i know i\’ll have 4 long walks. No idea where; But i\’ll make a point of having them anyway.

  2. Rob says:

    It\’s all about strategy Mike. Don\’t lose sight of the big picture, but concentrate on the tiny details of life too.Life is like a healthy diet. Too much of one thing is not necessarily good for you, keep it all in balance and everything is sorted………

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