what a glorious weekend

what a glorious weekend and iam stuck in london sorting out kit and food for my trip which starts next weekend.
ive been testing out my new terroc’s.so far iam happy with them but they have not been used in anger yet.went into town to pick up some spenco 2 nd skin for blisters as someone is bound to get one.also ended up with a xxl eped dry bag to use a asa liner bag in the gregory.the dehydrater is on over time at the moment.knocked up a bolagnase sauce this morning after getting back from the super market with all my food for the trip.also have some sliced apple dipped in maple syrup and some kiwi slices drying as well.tomorrow its a chilli con carne and pineapple strips and monday it will be strawberry+ apple leather and pineapple leather.
now i just have to decided if i really need that montane featherlight windshirt and iam fixed for wales.hopefully ill be able to get a kitlist up before i go
enjoy the weekend
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One Response to what a glorious weekend

  1. Unknown says:

    ………of course you need that montane

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