wales next week

So iam off to Wales this weekend for 7 days which iam really looking forward to as i need a break.All my kit is ready to pack,and yes i succumbed to the montane featherlight windproof,its in the post as you read this thanks to Hike-lite.All the food is dried last weekend the dehydrater wsas on overtime.No sooner had the bolagnase sauce dried then kiwi and apple slices were in followed by pineapple slices and chilli con carne.last night the last things went in,strawberry + apple leather,pineapple leather and apple,cinamom + maple syrup leather.Unfortunatly the pineapple leather came out this morning and it was either too thin or in for too long but it was abit cripy to say the least,but still edible.
The only problem is the weather,it seems that there is a low pressure making its way over to the Uk and yes you guessed it,its ready to hit just as i leave for Wales.which is ok but its sods law that the week after the weather will be back to sunny clear skies.So do i still take the Rab top bag which i have used in the alps in late summer and was just about warm,though a little uncomfortable.or do i take the Rab ladakh which will keep me so warm but is heavy.I want a light pack,well as light as you can get as iam carrying 6 days food as i want to check out the gregory zpack  to see what it will handle.
cheers for now
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