reason for my inactivity

I am sorry i have not had a chance to up date this site over the last 3 weeks this is due to starting a new job straight after my holiday and I’ve not stopped since.i have taken over the running of a bigger restaurant in the chain i work for and due to a much heavier work load i find i dont have much time for anything else at the moment.i hope this will change as i settle in,as i don’t think i can keep the 70 hour week up for too long.
on the outdoors front i managed to get out for a mountain bike ride a couple of Saturdays ago. went down to the north downs and pitch was good to get out and will try harder to make time for the outdoors as much as possible.
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2 Responses to reason for my inactivity

  1. Unknown says:

    eat work sleep. repeat.
    Keep it coming as you can anyway, things will quieten down eventually

  2. Leighton Harker says:

    There are times in life when work has to take priority so no problem there Mike.  Still we all wish you every success and if all else fails we will book the Outdoor Bloggers 2007 Christmas dinner at your restaurant so you can attend!!!

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