getting out

last weekend being a bank holiday weekend i managed to have some time off after getting home late on Friday night after a long shift in the kitchen i packed my bag in readiness for a walk and overnight camp down in Sussex.
i grew up in Sussex and after years of not giving a second look when it came to walking i have fallen in love with the may not have the wildness of the mountains but it has a simple charm about it and there is never anyone out on the trails so its very peaceful and of course there are some damn fine pubs out there most of which have my favorite bitter,Harvey’s of Lewes.
Saturday dawned and i was up at 5.30am to catch the 6.30 train,now was only having 4 hours sleep the night before going to have an impact on my day well it seems the answer to that is no.
 I arrived in Eridge at 8.00am and straight into the walk.the first half of the day was hiking along trails that I’ve been along before this year so no need to look at the map.For some reason i just could not stop walking and by 11.45 am i found myself in the village of Nutley right next to the Nutley Arms so i popped in for a quick pint and boy did it taste good,but no time to stop my feet were itching to get back out so 15 minutes later iam back out on the trails.
A few hours later i was in a small village called Fletching down another pint in The Griffin.By now i was starting to feel abit tired but i was still on track to make it to Lewes and a meeting with a couple of friend’s.Theplan was to camp on the south downs somewhere.I set off again and as planned i got a call from my friends who where driving down to Lewes to see where i was.Now i was only about 12 km from Lewes but the lining on my new inov8 terrocs had decided to wear away and i now had sore heels but i thought i could still make it.Half and hour later and i emerged on to a A road, my phon erings and my friends are only a couple of minutes away,then i feel a wet patch on my backside.i take the pack off and discover that my platypus has been slowly leaking into my rucksack and now it was leaking out the bottom.Well i gave in,i met my friends and took the car the last 11km to Lewes,a wet bottom,sore heels and beer tired legs.But i had covered approx 35 km in nearly 8 hours.
In the ended after a beer in Lewes we ended up back on ashdown forest after driving around  southern England [ friston forest trying to find a place to park the seems that in this day and age you can not park overnight in carparks in the country as they shut them all and will come looking for you if they find your car.All we wanted to do was spend a night out in nature but it seems that that is not allowed.Well we drove back to the forest and camped 1 km away from where i had been at 11 am !!!!!!!!still we had a great night.
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2 Responses to getting out

  1. Unknown says:

    want to join my guerilla wildcamping movement then?

  2. mike says:

    oooooo tell me more about guerilla wild camping

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