I’ve been reading alot about wood burning stove’s on other blogger’s sites and after trawling through the net i have found a design so that i can try and build one for myself
It’s number 21 in the stove list and i think ill be ok in building it as it seems fairly easy and does not require a degree in engineering to work out.Now i just have to find the time.
As i mentioned in my last post my new innov8 terrocs have worn through at the heels.Now after only 7 days of walking in them i am slightly disappointed as they were just what i was looking for as they are nice and light.So i will be contacting hike-lite and sending them back.So iam on the search for another pair of light shoes.My pair before the terroc’s where made by Garmont and were a great shoe.they had no special lining ,they were light weight and i got over a 1000km out of them.But unfortunately Garmont have changed all there designs and seem only to do there shoes with waterproof liners which i do not like.Stop press after a age of hunting through loads of sites and searches ai have possible found a shoe and guess what its made by Garmont,fingers crossed,damn only open monday-friday.
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