a weekend away

so ive got a weekend back at my flat so i have the time to write a few things up.
A couple of weekends ago i got out to sussex again.saturday was spent in one of the many lovely pubs which are found all over suusex.I was suffering from the excesses of the night before so a pub lunch a a few pints of Harveys sorted me out.I was with a couple of friends and our walk on saturday consisted of a few kilometres of walking to our favorite wild camp spot near to a lovely old beech tree pretty close to the highest point on the forest.Once again the weather was good to us and we had a lovely evening chatting and polishing off a few bottles of red vino.
Now to the science part!
I took my new OMM rucksac which i found perfect for a weekend walk.I got my kit down to the bear minimum [ well to me that is ] but ill to go supersuperultralightweight to win John Hee’s hipbelt camping competion.Ithink ill leave that until the weather improves.
The other piece of kit i was testing was a small wood burning stove that my friend Mike made for me out of a baked bean tin.I took a mug of pretty cold water and got the stove going.It took awhile to bring the water to the boil,about 25 minutes! now i know this is a pretty long time but when i think that i dont have to carry fuel and if iam only away for the weekend and not in a hurry for food than the whole experience was very enjoyable.Sunday was spent walking back to East Grinstead to see my parents.I finally walked over pooh bridge,which i must say was a bit of a disappointment the whole area is very sanitised with no acces to the woods around the stream.
Anyways so ive got a weekend away with the bloggers in august to look forward to as well going up to north Wales after that.
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