last sunday

Last sunday i managed to get out for a mountain bike ride down in the lovely Surrey hills.Caught the train down to Gomshall and headed out in sunshine to the little village of Peaslake.We headed up on to Holmbury hill and on to leith hill.Whilst sitting on Leith hill we watched a storm coming in from the south downs.The downs were lit by a fanstastic orange light and a wall of rain could be seen heading our way with fork lightening.We had a brief dicussion and decided to get off the hill pretty quick.We were half way off the hill heading to Coldharbour and the pub when trhe storm broke above us and the heavens opened.The last descent down a trail covered over by trees and so dark that we were riding by touch.We made it to the village and were jsut under the trees when a lightening strike exploded about 30 feet from us.Ill tell you we were in that pub pretty damn quick.The storm passed by in about the space of a pint and we were off again heading for Dorking,but by now the trailos were soaking  and we hada very wet ride back.We did find a hedgerow full with wild raseberries which ill be visiting again when i get back to my flat so i can make some jam.
It was great to get out riding and we got to see a great storm i only wish i had a camara with me.
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One Response to last sunday

  1. Unknown says:

    Alpkit must be doing a roaring trade in the Hunka, it seems as though all the bloggers have bought one :D.
    Shame mine is still stuck at the P.O. 😦 

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