lessons learnt

Ok lessons learnt from my trip to wales
1. i need to change my cooking system,possible to a bushbuddy wood burning stve and geta smaller pot again ive seen a tibetan 900ml pot which would be better suited.Also get my pot cosy made for my pot as well
2.practise more with different arrangments for putting up the tarp
3.decant my contact lense solution into dropper bottles
4.I have noticed that on all my trips this year when my feet get wet for more that two days i get very sore and tired feet.I have tried goretex socks whilst walking and in camp as well as sealskinz in camp and walking and still no results.So its back to the drawing board i think
5.Get out more to the real hills.
6. maybe learn not to carry so much water all the time
7. Get a proper map case
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3 Responses to lessons learnt

  1. Unknown says:

    Some good thoughts. I use very small containers (i.e. old cleaner container) for lense solutions and did look at some longlife/disposable lenses just for camping trips, but it was too pricey.
    Water – thats a toughy. Without 1 litre I feel at risk; But I\’d usually need 3 litre minimum at least for a day/night, especially if ridge camping. Balance is dependant on weather, ground and of course water sources. And they can\’t be relied on. I have learnt a lot reading between the lines on the walk descriptions of  backpacking in britain. Some good ideas there on mitigating risk. After all thats what water usually comes down to.
    There was the time I carried 4 litres up to Castle Crag for a long day/night……..in a deluge which just never stopped. Ho hum. 

  2. mike says:

    the water one is something i need to look at.walking in southern england i would carry 3 litres  for the day and fill up for the night another 3 litres.i can cook dinner + breakfast + all drinks with 3 litres.somewhere wetter or better water source than i may look into carrying 2 pop bottles and a 3 or 4 litres bladder.
    cheers for the comment

  3. Unknown says:

    Oh – and map case? Try a roll of Tesco resealable plastic bags(large size) Once they start getting too crappy to use they double as rubbish holders.  And a lot cheaper

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