My garden

 I’ve just added some photo’s from the last three years of my garden including some of the produce.Now i had never done any real gardening until i started three years ago and i was surprised with my results in the first must of been all the years i watched my dad gardening and it must of rubbed off.In my first year i had success with aubergines,peppers,chillis,potaoes,carrots,courgette,sweetcorn mange tout,french beans,tomatoes,various herbs,cut and grow again salads and runner beans.I had enough produce that i did not need to shop for any veg at the supermarket over the long summer that we had.
Last year again i had success with potaoes,tomatoes,courgettes,beans,salad,mange tout,broad beans,a few strawberries,a few blueberries,curly kale,purple sprouting broccoli.Again shopping bill was reduced over the summer and i even took fresh potatoes to my parents on Christmas eve.
This year has not benn so good as ive not been here when i need to be due to personnel tomaotes were a disaster due to blight and the carrots have only been a few.but onve again plenty of courgettes,runner beans.the strawberries and blueberies ahave been the moment i have french beans,manage tout,and salad coming up and i will soon plant garlic,bok choy,and broad beans for next spring.i already have purple sprouting broccoi,curly kale,brussel sprouts,and cabbages planted
As i write this i have runner beans in the dehydrater,some fresh herbs and a handful of blueberries.
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