the long weekend

Its been a bit busy for me in the last couple of weeks so iam going to start off with my trip to Munich to catch up with a friend and to get a night out in the mountains.I caught the early flight from Stansted which meant that i had to be up at 4.30AM.Landed in Munich for lunch after to cope with easyjet and the stupidity of their system.It was bank holiday weekend and they had total chaos,with no queuing system,crazy.
Anyway the weather was perfect in Germany with the sun shining,yes i said the SUN was shining which i had almost forgotten what it looks like.
Saturday was spent indulging in the Munich beer,and sunday was spent relaxing in the park.Munich has to be one of my favorite cities,especially in the summer.
Monday i decided that i would head to Garmish and get out into the mountains.i had a rough plan in my head but was going to go with the flow.Arrived in Garmish at about 2pm and after getting lost in town finally found the Alpstitzbahn,the cable car to you and me.I had decided to take the cable car as it would mean that i could get into the high mountains.I stepped of the cable car at 4pm at about 2000m.On the map i had seen a mountain lake which sits right under the alpspitz about 1900m so i found the trail i was after and head off.Now it can get a bit worrying when you are walking along a trail and every person you pass going the other way are carrying ropes,helments and a general paraphernalia of rock climbing.Was this a via ferrate route or a normal trail.My mind was put to rest when a lovely old couple came down trail and told me it was fine a few ladder and things.The trail clung to the cliff face and in places actually went through the cliff via tunnels.After about 45 minutes i came out onto a saddle and looking down i could see the lake.the best way down to the lake was to skirt around the mountain on a narrow track an d then cross the scree to pick up a ridge which would take me down.
I reached  the lake and found a place to set up the tarp.After collecting water and having a lovely evening watching the weather change and the sun set whilst having dinner.I was tucked up in my sleeping bag pretty early for me.I woke early about 4.30am as the weather had changed as was blowing a gale straight off the mountain and on to me.The tarp was almost being blown into the ground,so after lyin gthere for a hour i decided to pack up and get down the mountain.I packed up in about 5 minutes flat and was heading down just as the first faint rays of light started to creep into the morning sky.I dropped about 15 minutes down the mountain about 100 metres in height.The wind had died and i found a place for breakfast and watched the sun come up.
The rest of the walk was pretty knee shattering as it was all down hill and pretty steep.Wlked through lovely pine,beech forest and just before i got to the bottom i heard but could not see some black grouse.All in all a great trip and it was greta to camp out in real mountains again.
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