lakes here i come

the rucksack is nearly packed and the train tickets have been bought,so tomorrow morning at 9.46am ill be leaving London bound for the lake district.I will be returning on Saturday afternoon so i have 4 full days to explore.The weather forecast looks ok for the moment.
Ill be taking the the new PHD sleeping bag to test out as i found my Rab top bag a bit chilly in Wales last week[i was mountain biking and camping in some lovely little campsites]
One problem which has arisen is that my Gregory z pack has got 4 places where the stitching has failed so ill be phoning Bob at backpackinglight to sort it out on my i have to use mt old gregory pack which is twice the weight but i do know its comfy.
Anyway so i have no real route planned but ill be starting and finishing in Penrith.i will be keeping a journal for the first time so that i can record the walk properly on my return.So in the words of Bilbo Baggins ‘we must away ere break of day’
see you all soon
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