back from the lakes,sorry’s its late

well iam back from the lakes,a little bit early due to a few problems with my feet.i left london on the 09h46 train bound for Penrith on monday morning.A uneventful train journey found me in Penrith at 13h10 and the weather was looking after a short wander around the town to find some lunch  headed out towards Eamont bridge.from there i followed the river Eamont for a bit and reached sockbridge.whilst wandering along by the river i came across 2 Roe deer,females i believe as they had no antler.they were only about 20 meteres from me and stood their ground giving me a good long look at them.from sockbridge i headed up onto the fells and reached the stone circle called the cockpit,on Askham fell at around 17h00.the walk through the rural part of the Lakeland’s was lovely with the sun shining at plenty of birdlife around.i love watching the rural life passing by.i had originally planned on camping in some woods near to the cockpit,but could not find a suitable i filled up with water from Aik beck where i disturbed a young buzzard.i ended up camping up on Arthur’s pike at around 520 was alitle bit windy so i managed to find a spot tucked down in a small hollow out of the wind with views out over Ullswater.i had a lovely sunset and was soon snuggled up in my PHD bag out of the wind with a nice hot butternut squash and potato curry warming my insides.
Next day i awoke around about 06h30 to a lovely pink sky.Now i should of taken the shepherds warning ‘red sky at night shepherds sky in the morning shepherds warning’
i had my coffee and porridge and was soon packed up and ready to go.i was heading up towards High street and as i set off i noticed that it was starting to cloud up and the wind had  cold chill to it.the views from the trail on the way up was great with the hills and fells all around where being picked out by the sun and then they would disappear as the hill mist came in and it was all white around me.i reached the peak of high street at about 11h00 but there were no views to be had and so i headed towards thornwaite intended plan had been to head up on to mardale lll bell but with no views i decided not to.i come from the school of if there is no view then there is no point in going up.i walk in the hills and mountains to see the views and therefore ill save that for another day.i reached thornwaite crag and its beacon and the cloud broke to give be stunning views down towards windermere and towards hartsop.aftera short break i headed down to the saddle,threshwaite mouth and down into pasture bottom which bought me out into hartsop and finally patterdale where i decided to stay at the camp ground at side now my feet were killing me but i could not see any blisters.since my garmont shoes finally died i have had 2 pairs of shoes and both give me blisters on my heels and very tired feet,so it will be back to the drawing board.
I had thought to camp down by the lake but there were just too many people around,even though i did find a good spot.Idid get to see my first red squirrel in the UK.
The next days weather forecast was for rain by lunch time so i decided rest my feet and wandered down to Patterdale and Glenridding and took a short walk with the camara.The weather finally broke about 3pm and i was snuggled up under the tarp when it happened and boy did it rain.i collected about 2 cm of rain in my cooking pot in about 5 hours.
the next day dawned and the weather was still pretty poor,all the tops were under cloud and rain and my feet were still painful so i decided to pack up and head home.By the time i reached Penrith the sun was out and the hills were all clear of cloud,sods law never mind.I had had a good couple of days and will be back to the lakes as soon as i can.
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2 Responses to back from the lakes,sorry’s its late

  1. Unknown says:

    welcome back stranger – at least your still managing the occasional escape despite the Xmas run up

  2. Dawn and says:

    Hi Mike,Sorry to hear about the Z-Pack stitching. Make sure you get it back to us ASAP and we\’ll sort it out for you.Cheers, Bob and Rose

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