catching up

Ive had a day off sick with a stomach bug and so i thought i would give a update on some new kit i got over the last few months.Ill start off with the PHD minim 500 sleeping bag that i got in the late summer.i decided to get the bag with a half zip as i thought it maybe a little to warm without it and i was happy that i did.I took the bag to the lakes with me and was very warm in the bag,almost too warm.I think that the bag will be perfect for winter use and will hope to get a few weekends out over the winter to test it.                                                                                                                                                               
Next up is my pot cosy and titanium pot.The pot cosy was made with pot cosy kit and with my new pot[tibetean 900] from ultralightoutdoorgear.i was very happy with the system the pot is perfect for one person and the lid is a tight fit so you get a pretty quick boil.Again these were used for the first time in the lakes.
My other purchases were a new rucksack liner from sea to summit which again worked well and was much lighter.Also i finally received my gossamer gear bug canopy which i have been waiting for for a few months now.ive not had a chance to use it yet but can’t wait to use it hopefully it will be the answer to all the bugs that come out in the summer.
weights for all those who are intrested
bug canopy in stuff sack – 113g
tibetean 900 pot – 97g
pot cosy – 34g
sea to summit liner – 95g
phd minim 500 – 857g not bad for a bag rated down to -9
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