the state of the British countryside

After having one of my more active years in the British countryside a few things have become apparent to me.
First off is the amount of litter that you find everywhere.Now a lot of this is from ‘tourist’ who thing that leaving cans,sweet wrappers etc is ok  and also the amount of toilet paper you find.Why can people not learn how to get rid of toilet paper properly.I always after using toilet paper burn it.The other litter is from farmers,and i think this is even worse than the tourist rubbish that is left as these farmers are the so called guardians of the British country side.On a trip to the breacon beacons i noticed lots of platics,metal and even tyres and fridges which seemed to have been just tossed over the farm wall into a water course.The farmers are always the first to moan if someone trespasses or leaves rubbish on their land,they should be more accountable for the land in my opinion.
The other thing i have noticed is the lack of sign posting in some areas of Britain on footpaths.The lakes have a very good system where as in southern England many of the signs are non existent.
If you travel to somewhere like the Czech republic you find that all footpath signs have the name of the next village,roughly how long it will take or how many KMs it is.Now iam not saying that i would like this everywhere but in the south of England where there are many footpaths and villages it would be rather nice to have the information on a signpost.Ill most likely get a lot of flak for this as iam sure people will say what about maps etc,but there have been times that even with a map i have come to a field where the footpath disappears and the hedges hide the exit from the field and you waste time hunting for your route.Anyway thats my rant over.
I have had a great year so far rediscovering Britain especially in Sussex where i grew up.also i have met new people who have a love for the outdoors.So i hope that I’ve still got 1 more weekend out before the year comes to an end and hopefully we may even get a cold patch some time this winter down in the south so i can test some kit out and get those great photos that come with crisp cold mornings.
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