review of 2007


I have decided to jump on the bloggers bandwagon and write my review for the year jut gone.It has nearly been a whole year since i started this blog with the main reason behind being that i could keep a journal that my friends abroad could see.But it grew into so much gave  me a push to get out into the hills[i can get lazy],i met new people who had a like minded love of the got me back into to photography and finally i managed to at last get my kit down to a sub 10 kg pack[i think i’am hovering around the 7.5 kg mark].

so lets push on February was my first month where i got out for a early camp and it was a joyful experience as id not been out camping like that for a good few years and i formed thew plan of exploring Sussex and it’s pubs in search of the best pub and the best pint of Harvey’s.So far best pub goes to the Griffin in Fletching and best pint well that would have to be in Lewes at the John Harvey Tavern and its armada bitter.
next up was my trip to north wales with my friend Matty and even though we got rained on for pretty much 4 days solid i learnt some valuable lessons.We moved on and i got to see a new part of britian,long mynd.
Other highlights were the bloggers trip to the brecon beacons,a short walk in the lakes and all my wanderings in sussex.
Low points of the year were my Dad’s heart attack[thankfully fully recovered],having a 6 month split from my girlfiend[all sorted now]England losing the rugby.
I already have plans laid for 2008.I’am off to Brasil in about 4 weeks,i hope to get out to France and the Ardeche and even possible the pyrennes if lucky.i think a repeat trip to the lakes is on the cards and the brecons and more beer tasting in sussex and surrey.i also hope to get a friend of mine out hiking and camping as well as my girlfriend.
Things to achieve this year are
1. learn portugese
2. get better at compass work
3.write some good articles on this blog a DSLR
5.not to spend too much money on kit
so it just leave me to say that i hope you all have a very happy new year and iam looking forward to 2008,and hopefully seeing a few more of the bloggers out there in the hills.
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2 Responses to review of 2007

  1. Unknown says:

    souds like 2007 finally panned out better than you hoped warlier in the year -have a good one

  2. mike says:

    thanks john hope to meet you finally this year on the hills.

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