bread baking

Just pulled a fresh loaf of wholemeal bread out of the oven and sliced a slice off to have steaming with butter,life does not get much better.
Here’s the recipe for those interested.
1KG  strong wholemeal flour [ i use a mix of wholemeal,spelt and malthouse]
pinch of salt
17g dried yeast
2 teaspoons soft brown sugar
700 ml warm water
combine flour + salt
combine yeast and about 200ml of warm water and the sugar and allow to ferment in a warm place
once fermented add into flour and ad rest of the water
mix together then take out and kneed for about 10 minutes until silky
place in a bowl and cover with tea towel and leave in a warm place to double in size
when its big enough take out and knock back down for a few minutes then place in a floured bread tin and leave to rise again until its approx twice its height
place in a pre heatd oven at 220*c for 45 minutes,turn out and put back in oven for 5 minutes up side down.
its cooked when you tap the bottom and its sounds hollow.
Enjoy with some butter.
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