wish list for 2008

So with a new year i have started my new wish list of kit i need,or should i say want.
First up is a Bushbuddy Ultra,ive wanted one of these ever since i first saw them on the net and after seeing one in action [thanks Bob] i have coveted one.
Second on the list is a ULA circuit rucksack
Third is a new pair of trail shoes but not sure what yet.
Fourth up is a new DSLR,either a canon 400 or a 40d + lenses.
Fifth would have to be  icebreaker base layer.The ultralight 150 series tank and s/s tops.
So thats it for now but iam keeping my fingers crossed.
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2 Responses to wish list for 2008

  1. Brenda-Dawn says:

    Hi Mike, just to say the icebreaker 150 tops are really good. Ditto the bottoms. On my last trip they where ideal in the tent at night. Will most certainly be using my icebreakers on my next Scottish foray later this month. Please feel free to pop in to Dawns outdoor blog. Dawn

  2. drew says:

    hiya mike hows life,
    well going on your postings about tarps well i think your right, the reasojn i say this is that i have just been bought one for crimbo and even tho its exactly what i wanted i have never used one. So this summer when i go camping should be fun. Also i was a keen tent camper defore i got one so arnt afraid to get me hands mucky, if you know what i mean.
    Then again i am a bit apprehensive cos i like to feel secure when camping but i suppose that just come with chooseing the right place to pitch or does it?
    drew dunn
    ps my blog is drewdunnrespect.blogspot.com and is all about my well bushcraft experiances so far like buy the gear.

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