Back from Brasil

Hello all i’am back from my holidays and what a holiday.Brasil[that’s the way they spell it],what a country.There is no one word to describe the place,so here’s a few.Amazing,hot,friendly,crazy,beautiful,happy,colourful,noisy,peaceful.
Sao Paulo is a huge megatropolis,27 million inhabitants and the 3rd largest city in the world,and a very crazy intense place.The traffic is just insane,we think we have traffic problems in London well how about 169km tail backs on the roads at rush hour in Sao Paulo.But i have to say its an amazing place and it was great to meet my girlfriends family.
We had 5 days on a island called Islabela a very beautiful island covered in Atlantic rain forest and with beautiful waterfalls and beaches but its only down side are the small midge like insects that try to bite you to death and to which i had a allergy which left me with huge red bites that itched like hell.
Then it was off too Rio de Janeiro for a long weekend.Everything you see and read about Rio is true you just have to times it all by 3.It really is a truly magically city and waking up to a sunrising over Copacabana beach is pretty cool.We were there for the parade of the carnival winners on Saturday and i have to say watching 6 different schools of samba do their thing in the sambadrome from 9pm to 5.30am i was left exhausted from dancing and standing for so long,but a very amazing experience.
All in all it was an amazing holiday and i can’t wait to get back there, and i’ve found out that some of the national parks have great trekking so ill have to go out there with my kit and do a report on trekking in Brasil,fresh mango for breakfast whilst camping now there’s a lovely thought.
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