weekend away

So decisions were made at the weekend and i managed to get a late pass so i could get out for a weekend camping.Saturday dawned bright and blue and after making Adriana breakfast i managed to get the all important weekend pass,so the kit was packed in record time and i was off.I caught the train down to Sussex and was out walking by 1 pm.It was a beautiful day with little cloud and the sun shining,but there was a rather brisk wind blowing. I started out in Ashurst ,Kent and followed the river Medway for a bit before cutting across farmland and making my way into Hartfield,home of Winnie the Pooh.I stopped off in the local pub,the Anchor for a pint of Harvey’s and a mediocre ploughman’s.
It was great to be out and spring was getting geared up.Wid garlic was up and will be ready to cut in about 1 week and primroses were blooming along with the odd daffodil and bluebells were everywhere and the woods of sussex will look amazing in about 1 month.
After lunch i headed off and before long i was up on to ashdown forest.Wildlife was everywhere.I distrubed a small herd of Roe deer and there was plenty of bird song coming from the hedgerows,Great tits,Blackbirds,a Thrush,Robins and collared doves all have a bit of a sing song,lovely.
I stopped walking about 4pm and found a lovely spot under a grand Yew tree with plenty of deer trails around and it was not long before i spotted a couple not far from me browsing on a Holly tree.I set the tarp up as a lean to to give me some protection from the wind which was blowing quite strong by now.It was time for a cup of tea and a bit of a lie down,and before long i was snuggled up in my PHD bag with a cup of rose hip tea and listening to one of the outdoorstations podcast,Paddy Dillions GR5 AND GR 20 talk with Andy Howell followed by the Lord Smith interview.
Dinner was one of my own dried meals,pasta with black cabbage pancetta and veg.By now it was dark and looking up through the skeleton shapes of the sleeping trees the ink black night sky was ablaze with millions of stars.Its been a long time since Ive seen so many stars.I soon decided to snuggle into my nice warm PHD bag with a cup of hot chocolate and soon after i was drifting of into sleep.
I woke just as the sun was starting to peep over the horizon and the wind still blowing.i had a lazy early morning deep in the sleeping bag with a cup of fresh brasilian coffee and waited for the sun to send its warming shafts of light through the trees.I crawled out of my bag and had breakfast and packed up and headed off by about 9am
My walk for the day took me south then west towards Forest Row then north towards East Grinstead.i was soon leaving the forest and into farmland.I finished off visiting my parents before jumping on the train back to London.
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