My kit and why i use it.Part 1

I mentioned earlier in the year that i would post a kit list and why i use it so i have finally found some spare time to write it up.
Ill start off with my sleeping system. I have 4 sleeping bags but only use 2 of them regularly. First up is my Rab top bag, I’ve had this bag since 2003 when i bought it for my GR5 walk and its been my favorite bag since then. It weighs in at 366 grams and with  200g of down on top and round the foot plug and only a single layer of Quantum fabric on the base but no hood or zip. Its very light but with a manufactures temperature rating down to 0 degree’s it’s ideal for late spring through to late autumn camping. Though i have slept in it down to about -3 degree’s. It has no zip and is a very simple bag but for the lightweight hiking its great and it packs down very small.
My second bag is the PHD minim 500 which is fairly new. It weighs in at 834 grams and has a temperature rating of -9 degree’s. This again is a  fairly simple design with a small hood and a half zip and so far in the two outings that i have used it i have been very happy with it but i have not had to test it out in cold conditions, coldest so far was 7 degree’s. I think this will be my winter bag keeping the top bag for the rest of the year.
The rest of my sleeping system comprises of a silk liner to go inside of the bag weighing 126 grams,i use this for added warmth and to keep the sleeping bag clean.I use  a old karrimor kip mat which has been cut down to go from my shoulders to my hips and weighs 225 grams, but this will be replaced this year for a gossamer gear mat.I also use a piece of plastic which i got from work for a ground sheet which is ripstop plastic and weighs 93 grams.
To keep all my kit and myself dry i have a Alpkit Hunka bivy bag weighing in at 401 grams.
A update on the PHD minim 500 bag i used it last night and the temperature dropped to 0.3 degrees.I was warm but i woke with a cold nose which was soon remedy by pulling the bag shut more and sticking my head deeper into the bag.
So thats all my sleeping system next up will be my cooking system.
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2 Responses to My kit and why i use it.Part 1

  1. Unknown says:

    How do you get on with the silk liner. I\’ve got one for the same need – to extend the lower temp raing, but never actually used it in anger yet.

  2. mike says:

    i use it pretty much all the time and it really gives you about another degree or two on the temperature ratings.Plus it keeps the sleeping bag cleaner.i had rab one years back which was lighter and packed smaller now i think the one i use is a lemon tree one.when it dies or i bequeath it to my girlfriend i think ill get rab one again.
    thanks for the comments John i know iam the last one on windows i may one day make the change

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