so whats going on

So what have i been up too since last week.Well last week saw me take a couple of days off to get out camping over the spring equinox.Had a great night out under the tarp on ashdown forest and it was good to see spring has really come.Easter was spent in East Grinstead with my parents and family and was very relaxing.Easter Sunday found me out in our local wood having a Ray Mears moment.The woods were covered in a dusting snow and it was snowing as i wandered through woods on the look out for wild garlic and some good long hazel sticks for my bean poles.It was not long before i had 6 good long poles and a bag of wild garlic which Ive been using all week,soups,in pasta,in mash.Its one of my favorite wild foods.
Also spotted were the first bluebells of the year hidden away under a blackthorn bush which was also in full bloom.
This week has been taken up with a new project,more later when i can release details to the general public.This week i got into the garden and started to sort it out as well as sowing tomato,french bean,chilli,pepper,borlotti bean,cucumber and comfrey seeds.I turned over the compost heap this morning and i now have a 10 litre bag of homemade compost ready to bring my plants to life.
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