Ive spent the last couple of weeks pottering around in my garden and getting some seeds sown. Also Ive been out Ray Mears style collecting wild garlic and coppicing a few hazel trees near my parents in sussex.The cut hazel will be used to make pea/bean supports and to build a natural looking arbour to sit under in the long summer evenings in my small garden.
The wild garlic grows in the woods near to my parents and there is an abundance of it,growing next to the woodland streams.Ive been using it in my cooking at home and at work.Making mash with wild garlic,risottos,stir frys and even wild garlic soup.Ill be making another batch of soup and will put some in the dehydrator.
On the title heading of spring.It is great to see spring is here with the woods full of wood anemones and the first showing of bluebells.Trees are starting to break into bud and the birds are nesting.
My seeds are starting to show through and at the moment i have borlotti beans, dwarf french beans,coriander,purple sprouting broccoli, cucmber and italian black cabbage up with parsley, chillis, peppers, red kale, leeks, thai basil, tomatoes and courgettes all sown. I love this time of year,the first forays into my garden and the first wild camps of the year.
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