The Paul Lister experiment

So Ive just seen the BBC natural world documentary on the Alladale estate experiment to re wild Scotland with Wolves, Elk, Bear, Boar.Now iam going to step above the parapet and iam sure ill get flamed for it but i feel it needs to be said.I know the BBC did not give a very fair hearing to the sides who are against this project but,and here we go.
I think the guy has a very good idea.I for one would love to see these wild creatures released into Scotland and i know it would be behind a fence but if it worked and the land started to change back to its original state.And don’t forget the landscape of Britain is man made, and i think that we forget this sometimes.It could set a ball rolling for the regeneration of Scotland to a more natural state.I believe that man and Wolves can live side by side but our attitude to this wonderful beast has to change,and only when our attitude changes could the fences come down.The other thing that generally happens with wildlife and fences is that all you need is a power cut and or a big storm the fence comes down and next thing you know is that the beasties have escaped and you really do have a wild Scotland
Now i know that the people of Scotland have fought to get the access rights that exist in Scotland and a fence around his land would be denying people there rights but if Paul Lister agreed to return the land to the government of Scotland once the project had reached its goals,i.e  the reintroducing of once lost native species and the regeneration of the native flora as the Tompkins were reported to be doing in Argentine with their land.A national Park with Wolves, Bears, Elk etc now wouldn’t that be a great idea.
Right iam off to get the flak jacket and tin helmet and find a big deep hole to hide in
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One Response to The Paul Lister experiment

  1. chris says:

    I dont know why you are going to get the flax jacket as I agree with you, this is a fantastic project that should have the support of the goverment and everyone else concerned.  Man is far more dangerous than any other creature on the planet.

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