my kit and why i use it part 2 cooking

So leading on from a previous post on kit Ive done a run down of my meagre cooking system and why i like it.
So ill start of with my stoves[ i only have two at the moment!]I use a MSR pocket rocket.I first got it a good few years back mainly because it was cheap and lightesh in weight [ 85g ]and Ive stuck by it ever since as it does everything that a stove should do.It boils water very quickly and is great for simmering too.
The other stove is the MSR superfly which i bought when i blew up my whisperlite the day before i started my walk across the alps on the GR5.It turned out to be a good buy as you can use the non screw canisters which are every where in europe.It weighs in at 131g.
Next up is my cooking pot.I use  Tibetean 900 Ti  pot with lid which weighs 97g , which is the perfect size for me and the lid is tight fitting and a snowpeak single walled Ti mug which weighs 78g.`I have a mug and pot as i like to be able to boil water and drink a hot drink at the same time.During the day i use the mug as a pot to boil water for a hot drink and use the pot when iam in camp.I use a old wooden spoon that was bought in Turkey and weighs 15g but with a bit more sanding will weigh less also i have a mugmate for real coffee in the morning which weighs 18g.Also i use a homemade pot cosy weighing 35g  and a piece of aluminium foil [11g] is used as a wind shield
So the total weight of my kitchen is 321g not including fuel
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