A Great Day

So it was a day to get outside on Saturday and get some miles under my feet and enjoy the joys of spring.I caught a train to Eridge in Kent and from there i wandered through lovely southern English farmland and woods full of vibrant bluebells up on to the heathland of Ashdown forest before turning and heading for East Grinstead.
The walk was a real classic wildlife walk with a good list of beasties seen as well as the trees breaking in to the luminous green of spring and the woods and hedgerows ablaze with the spring flowers.Bluebells were everywhere,all the woods were carpeted with such an amazing blue,the natural world still amazes me.
Wildlife seen on the walk,well 9 Roe deer,a very loud shrew/vole who gave himself away,a buzzard,the first i have seen in southern england,though i do believe they breed here now,a sparrowhawk,goldfinch,great tit,blue tits, chaffinch,blackbirds,a thrush, a green woodpecker and a grass snake.I also heard the first swallows/swifts of the year and two cuckoo’s.
I managed to clock up about 17 miles of walking and even got a pint of Harvey’s in,not bad for a day walk and very happy to have made it out.
The rest of the weekend i have been pottering about in the garden sowing seeds and potting on other seedlings etc,and tonight the BBQ will be used for the first time this year.Ill be grilling Red Dorade over the coals with purple sprouting broccoli,new potatoes and grilled spanish peppers,yum now iam hungrey
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