Iam back

I’am back folks,well nearly.Since moving into the new home i have been so busy getting the garden sorted out and the house.I’am still waiting for the broadband to be sorted out,which is why ill only be back in short burst until we can sort out the internet.Its been 5 weeks since we moved in and we our loving having our own house
I did manage to get a 5 day pass and so i headed off to North Wales with a friend Chris for 5 days of mountain biking and wild camping.This time we were lucky with the weather and got very little weather.i have to say the attitude to mountain bikes in Wales is so different to England.On the few times we ended up on footpaths people were so relaxed and generally very polite and understanding.I find the attitude in England towards bikes so different even when you are on bridleways.I understand that if people ride dangerously or in big groups then people feel threatened have a right to moan but if you ride in pairs or on your own and slow for other trail users then i can not see why people have to moan.
Anyways i will be back soon and hope to get back to regular enteries so bare with me people.
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