A day off and new toys

Yesterday i had a a day off.Now this might not seem a surprise to many of you but a day off in the week for me has not happened for about 6 years and it was strangely enjoyable.After visiting my osteopath as i managed to put my back out on Monday,years of working as a chef has ruined my back.Icame out from my session feeling like a new man and the words of my osteopath ringing in my ears,the best thing you could do today is take a walk.I rushed home grabbed my camera and headed out into London for a stroll along the Thames and then up into covent garden.I don’t get into the centre of London much these days[i don’t like the crowds] but it was such a beautiful day i just walked and walked.I even ended up in the national gallery looking at Renoir,monet’s and Constables[very cultured] before the call of the outdoors shops pulled me into covent garden.I have been on the look out for a short sleeve merino wool base layer and i found just the top a icebreaker ultralite 140 s/s atlas top with a third of the price so that was snapped up along with a black diamond ion head torch [again at a discount price]to replace my petzl tikka which has a crack in it.

Iam off this weekend for a lightweight overnight mountain bike trip on the north downs as long as my back holds out so ill be testing the ion, and my bushbuddy ultra and possible the atlas top.Look out for the reviews soon.

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