kit reviews

Well last weekend was a great success,the weather stayed fine and we had a great night out in the woods of the north downs.I managed to test all three bits of kit but it was such a short time that ill give my initial thoughts on each item has i hope to give them a good test through the winter.S o first up the black diamond ion head torch.
My initial reaction to this torch was how much smaller it was to my tikka  head torch and with it weighing in at 28g its over 50g lighter.It was used for only a short time but i can see that the beam is fine for me and there is a good illumination.Iam going to start a scoring system for kit testing and iam going to use puppy’s.So the ion head torch gets 4.5 puppy’s out of five.I need to use it for a longer period to give a true score.
Next up was the Icebreaker short sleeve ultralite[150g] atlas base layer top weighing in at 144g.My other base layer tops are both helly hansen tops one sleeveless and one long sleeve weighing 96g and 160g respectfully.I don’t have a short sleeve top to weigh it against but the 144g seems like a decent weight as i would most likely be wearing it all day whilst out on the hills.It is a dark blue colour and it kept me warm during the evening and when worn under my riding jersey i stayed dry and warm on the Sunday.Again i would need to be out for a longer period to see how it really performs,ie smell and warmth,but so far so good.Another 4.5 puppy’s scored.
Last up is the ultra bushbuddy wood burning stove.Now i know quite a few bloggers use these and have all ready done test so ill keep mine short.WOW.What a stove,it boiled my 1 litre pot of water in just under 10 minutes,ill have to properly time it next time.But the joy was in its silence.None of the  roar  that you get with a gas burning stove and no fuel to carry.Well thats a little lie has i now carry a small stuff sac of dry wood and tinder,enough for a evening and morning[i like to be prepared].The stove weighs in at 134g which when you think you don’t have to carry fuel canisters makes lighter than most cooking systems and environmentally better,no more empty canisters to dispose of.The only down side is the fact your pan will get covered in black soot and  that the stove is about 2mm too big for my tibetean 900 pot.No big deal as my pot and stove sit inside my pot cosy and always at the top of the rucksack and i can always get a bag for them to go into if iam worried abut getting black soot everywhere.So again 4.5 puppys scored but ill be testing this through the winter to see how practical it is during our wet winters,it will be intresting to see how easy it is to collect dry wood in the middle of winter an dif you can dry wood out faster enough.
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