A update on life

Well its already November and the year is hurrying along and before no time has past the presents will be open and new year toast being made,where has the year gone!
Ive still not been out for a walk and the chances are getting slimmer by the day.Since going Freelance Ive been inundated with work and due to the fact that were off to Brasil for Christmas and the new year and we are having a new bathroom installed i can not turn down the chance to earn a few bob.
But i have joined a gym,I know stop swearing.I have always hated the places but having a gym 2 minutes from the front door and not using the bike to get to and from work[its now a 36 mile round trip] i finally gave in.So far Ive only been for a swim but i get my one to one with a personal trainer on Sunday[what ever that is] so i hope to get a training plan so i can strengthen my back,gain fitness,lose a few pounds[not many though] and gain a little bit of muscle[so Adriana happy].Now i hope to do this by visiting the gym in the quiet times as i hate the crowds.
Well time to go,Ive got bathroom catalogues to look at,does my fun never end.
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