the weekend

I spent a very lovely day on Saturday visiting the BBC Good Food show with Adriana and a friend Andy.It had all been planned by Adriana in advance and i knew nothing about it,so a lovely surprise.The event was held at London Olympia which was a real pain to get to due to the district line having engineering work going on and the fact England where playing Australia at twickenham.The tube was packed  and very uncomfortable but we made it.
The was a good selection of foodstuffs on sale and for testing as well a plenty of alcohol.A bottle of sloe whisky was purchased soon followed by some orange blossom honey.We found a stand selling beautiful Jamón ibérico,the worlds best ham in my opinion,but don’t bother with supermarket stuff hunt out the jamón ibérico de bellota.We soon had bulging bags has lomo,ham and chorizo were purchased.Sausages,chocolate and natural ginger beer all followed and we finished off with a lovely terracotta cooking pot from Italy.But our day was not done,Adriana pulled out tickets to a whisky tasting session and by the time we came out from there it was decided the best way home was by taxi.A great day out.
Sunday i was up early and at the gym by 8.30AM to have a run through of equipment and to get me started a programme of training,2 hours later i left and feeling good,but by the evening i ached all over my upper body.Am i really that unfit,looks like its a winter of training and getting for for next year.
Anyway this week will see me making piccalilli, getting out for a walk on wednesday to test the honey stove and getting to the gym for my first real session,wish me luck.
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