Back from Brasil

Well Happy New Year to everybody.I’am finally back from Brasil and raring to go.I’am only half relaxed though to the nightmare time we had with Iberia airlines.They managed to lose our bags on the way out,mine turned up 24 hours later but poor Adriana had to wait 10 days for her bag to show,very stressful.The holiday it self was great we travelled to Adriana grandmothers in the north east in the state of pernambuco[not sure if spelling is correct].She lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere,we loved it.Rode horse’s,and generally lazed about.Then we head to the coast and the village of portes de galinhas[yes that right the port of chickens] where we spent new year relaxing by the ocean before heading back to Sao Paulo to spend time with Adriana’s family.
We flew back on the 10 th January just after the snow storms in Madrid and of course we were delayed and guess what Iberia managed to miss place our bags on the way home to.So we have been back 3 days and still no sign of our backs and in the meantime i’ve written a 3 page letter of complaint to the airline not because of lost bags and delayesas i know these things happen but because of the rudeness and lack of care the airline staff had for us.
Anyway were back safe and sound.Pictures will follow and a bit more of a write up to follow.
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