planning a walk

I’am hoping to get a pass to allow me to get out walking the week after easter. So far i’ve thought about Dartmoor, breacon’s or the south downs way. All have there high and low lights but i thin i will have a go at the south down way over 5 days.It will give me a chance to get used to walking again and passes very close to where my grandparents lived[thou i never got to visit as they passed away before i was born].I also like the idea of walking one of the national trails and its close to hope so will be pretty inexpensive. Well all have to do is get the pass and start planing
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2 Responses to planning a walk

  1. Baz says:

    Options for camping along the SDW are limited . A harveys strip map of the way is useful to have.

  2. mike says:

    i will be guerilla camping,late finish early start,have camped down that way before so hope i can find a few spots.

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