two weeks off

I have now got two weeks off from work due to the easter break coming up and event catering goes very quiet.So what am i doing with it i hear you all cry,is he heading off to the hills or off to exotic lands. Well the answer is no and no. Today i started on decorating the lounge which will take the rest of the week,sanders are being hired and i can see that it will be very messy but worth it when we have a lovely freshly decorated room.No more wet camel coloured walls but instead new strong white and cornforth white walls with freshly vanished floor. Then its a trip down to my parents for easter, where weather permitting we may get out for a walk and a bike ride. Next week is still up for negotiation as i would love to get out and walk the south downs way, where as Adriana feels i should get on with more decorating, only time will tell.
Whilst on the subject of the house i have spent a good few hours out in the garden getting it ready for summer.Seeds have been sown,tomato,borlotti bean,leek,radish,baby gem,beetroot,spinach,broad bean,mange tout,sweetcorn climbing french bean,aubergine,squash,fennel,kale,cavalo nero,spring onion,potatoes and courgette.Also i have planted a blackcurrant,raspberry canes and a gooseberry into pots.Hopefully ill get a bumper crop this year as the front garden has been dug over to create my credit crunch garden.
I have also started trying to get rid of my belly and get fit again with a mixture of gym work, sit ups,oh how they hurt and the occasional run around the local park.I do feel much better for it and hope by the time summer comes to be fighting fit.
Right iam off to cook dinner and play in the garden.
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