Not quite the south downs way

Yes i know i said i was off to walk the SDW,but due to having a few things to do on Wednesday last week i was not ready to leave until gone 3pm which would of meant having to do over 20 miles a day and with a weather forecast predicating heavy rain for thursday/friday i decided to head down to the the Kent/sussex border for a couple of days of lazy walking.
The plan,well there was no real plan apart from just unwinding.My camp spot had been decided a well used spot under a ancient yew tree not far from the Wealdway.
I caught the train down to Ashurst where i picked up the sussex border path heading towards Groombridge. The afternoon was glorious and i soon started to relax and enjoy my surroundings. I picked up the High Weald Landscape Trail which past through some lovely woodland with the first bluebells starting to break out and cover the woods with their dazzling blue. I was heading for Ashdown forest and one of my favourite camp spots,but before i got there i had to stop off at the Half moon pub for a pint of Harvey’s in the warm afternoon sun. I stopped to fill up with water from a small stream using my new Travel Tap from,more about that in another post. I made camp around about 7.30pm and enjoyed a very pleasant evening listening to Tawny and little owls and watching a thunder storm off in the distance.
The next day i had a lovely lazy breakfast and started walking about 9AM. I had decided head back to East Grinstead via a rather round about route which ended up being 25 km long and very enjoyable. My route took me via Chelwood gate,West Hoathly using a mixture of the wealdway,sussex border path and the high weald landscape trail.Just after leaving camp i heard my first cuckcoo of the year and then spotted it which i have never been able to do. The day was another great day and i ended up walking in shorts.
I have to say though i do miss walking in wild places even though i love the south east of England and i hope this year to get to some wilder more mountainous location,lets just see. Oh and by the way i still plan to walk the SDW but later in the year when i hope to have more time.
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