The Travel Tap

I ordered a Travel tap from just before my last trip and as per usual it turned up next day, unfortunately i was not here so it ended up at the local post office depot.Lucky for me the depot is with in walking distance so after returning from our easter break at my parents i picked it up.
First impressions are favorable, i like the insulated holder that comes with it but for lightweight purposes it will not be going with me. i weighed the bottle on its own and it weighed 178g.
On test out in the sussex countryside where all water needs treating it worked very well. I filtered water from a woodland stream and filled a 3 liter platypus in about 15 minutes. one problem was that i forgot to remove the cap from the nozzle when unscrewing the top to fill it up and managed to snap the thin rubber strap that holds the nozzle on. I will have to come up with a homemade strap somehow. Also you need strong hands to squeeze the bottle when filtering water into another bottle.All in all though a very good product that will get a lot of use from me as i no longer need to carry all my water when walking in lowland areas and as it doubles as a water bottle i will always have a filter with me where ever i go.
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2 Responses to The Travel Tap

  1. Baz says:

    Same thing happened to mine. The fix I used was to trim it back and doubled it over to form a small loop, gluing it with super glue. And them used a length of dyneema to stop it from getting lost. Handily there\’s a ridge indent around the top of the bottle that will hold the dyneema in place.

  2. mike says:

    i had the same idea just not got around to doing it yet,thanks for the tip

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