vegetables,where are they

I have been thinking recently[i know it’s rare thing for me] where are all the vegetable gardens.I read and heard recently that for the first time since the war vegetable seeds had out sold flower seeds,so where are all the vegetables growing i thought. When i travel by train,bus or if i am out for a walk i will always have a bit of a nose in peoples gardens as i pass by. I would say that about 90% of gardens are all flowers,this is especially true in the country where i pass big houses with very big gardens and not a sign of a veggie any where.The only vegetable plots that i see seem to be from old timers.
Now i know that allotment membership has gone through the roof and most sites are full with massive waiting lists,i am waiting myself for a plot and its nearly been a year and i am only number 24 on the list.
I just think that if more house holds grew there own then it would help fight global warming and help families during the credit crunch.So come on Britain,GROW YOUR OWN VEG you will thank me for it there is nothing like freshly dug potatoes or freshly picked sun warmed tomatoes.
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