struck down with man flu

Well i finally get sometime off work and i go and catch Adriana’s cold,i feel rough as a rhino’s backside.It has given me a chance to tidy up my kit box and do a bit of a sort out but i had hoped to get out for a hike.I’am hoping that ill feel better by sunday and ill get out for a night down in Sussex.
I’ve been getting itchy feet reading everybodies blogs.It seems everywhere i look people are off in the wilds,when oh when will i see a mountain.
The time at home though has allowed me the chance to catch up with the garden and i’am about to try building a light weight camera bag for my canon 450 DSLR in the attempt to shave some weight off of my camera kit.
Last week whilst perusing our local Brazilian supermarket i came across a packet of Tang,a typeof flavouring to make up squash.So ill try out on my next walk.
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