Well summer is well and truly here,rain everyday. This year i have found it hard to get out into the wilds. This is for several reasons,being a home owner means i have a list of DIY jobs to do thats as long as my arm, with Adriana being pregnant we now have scans, midwife trips and the all important trips to the baby shops.
So with a week of work this week i am attempting to make the DIY list a wee bit shorter.The carpet in the spare room,now renamed the baby room has been ripped up this morning in preparation for the decorating starting.
So back onto the subject of summer i find it hard to get out when i have so much to do around the house and in the garden. I do hope to get out to Mid wales at the end of August for a long weekend mountain biking where we hope to get some wild camping in. Apart from that i really can’t see me getting out much this summer. I hope to some how get at least a few nights out in the mountains in mid September to celebrate my 40th birthday but again it is very much in the balance as Adriana and myself still need to have a holiday together.
If i can blast through the DIY then i stand a better chance of getting out but i think ill have to miss the summer and get out during the Autumn which in some ways is better i do love the Autumn colours and sometimes the weather can be a wee bit better.
Anyway i better get back to the DIY.
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